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On the Double Ninth Festival, Luoyang CBNT Donating to the elderly

October 29, 2020

Latest company news about On the Double Ninth Festival, Luoyang CBNT Donating to the elderly



Today is the Ninth Double Festival, Baihe Town nursing home fluttering colorful flags, drums, singing, laughing, thick love dedicated to this group of lonely old people!Baihe Town 999 elderly people's Day to honor the elderly celebration and charity donation ceremony held in the town nursing home!



Deputy secretary of the town Party Committee, mayor Zhu Junjie made a speech, to the old friends of the town to extend holiday wishes!He pointed out that: a person's greatest success is to help thousands of people, a person's greatest happiness is to help the people of the world, a person's greatest honor is to get the people's praise, today you entrepreneurs, you are the most beautiful!Here the town party committee government calls on all sectors of society to learn from you, to learn your will to struggle, to learn the spirit of your responsibility, to learn your selfless feelings, here I represent 60,000 cadres and the masses to express our gratitude for your strong support!



Give old friends a red scarf, send holiday wishes!






Give the caring enterprise to award the most beautiful enterprise medal with respect to the old!





Love entrepreneurs Su Jizu founded successfully in luoyang luoyang kaibing knight industrial co., LTD., affection is the native place, the heart is always home, many social causes making donations in his hometown, he said in a statement: I have my is I at the foot of the land, whatever I go far, business done again big, but never forget my roots in the home, thanks to the party committee, the government gave me a platform dedication of love, I will in the future development for my hometown to make a greater contribution!




"If you are poor, you can live alone. If you are successful, you can help the whole world."The real economy is the foundation of a country's economy, the source of its wealth, and an important support for a country's prosperity.Under the current circumstances, enterprises have created huge social wealth, paid a large amount of taxes and resettled a large number of workers in the "six stabilizations and six guarantees" program, making a significant contribution to economic and social development.The development of every enterprise is an arduous struggle history, a surging growth history, the development history of forging ahead, all of which are made by entrepreneurs through their own efforts step by step!Heard of the completion of baihe Town Nursing home, all the entrepreneurs have expressed to do their part to offer a love, generosity, donations, dedication, strong support, to express deep gratitude to you!



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